【JAPAN】Luxury Leather ORIGIN / ラグジュアリーレザー・オリジン

究極の愛犬アイテムー高級エキゾチックレザーを贅沢に使った大人の嗜好品。The most elegant and luxurious item for pets...Only the high-quality genuine leather crafted by the finest japanese leatherworker is used to make their exquisite items.

【JAPAN】Luxury Leather ORIGIN / ラグジュアリーレザー・オリジン 商品での記載について

This specialty item embodies the unwavering craftsmanship. The timeless design, magnificent works, luxury leather & beautiful metal fittings...all the various elements that make up the special set. Also enjoy the color variation of Japanese taste.

*Genuine leather

*Gold metal fittings

*Made in Japan