Trademark dog for MERIDA. In charge of promotions by wearing the new line of products, participating in events, and modeling.
How I first met MERIDA
In Tokyo, when MERIDA was first established. A staff member, who was at the time looking for a trademark dog, saw me and thought it was fate that brought us together!
Origin of my name
I was named after a select shop in Milan, Italy; a long-established store that prides itself as a trendsetter; discovering talented designers and bringing their exquisite designs to those with refined taste. It's a perfect name for the trademark dog of a "brand which sets trends = MERIDA."
Rules for fashion
Taking in the hottest trends, coordinating with the season, balancing styles with my owner, and comfort is of course important!
Hottest spot (location)
I love being seen in a carrying bag. I like to try all shapes of bags!
Person whom I admire
Audrey Hepburn
Unique features
I'm tiny, a little chubby (lol), and easily gain weight.
[From the staff members of MERIDA]
She has a timid personality, so it takes time for her to come around, but she's very kind at heart. She used to be so tiny that she could fit in our hands, and now she has grown up to be such a wonderful Chihuahua. MERIDA has grown with BIFFI, and we are all looking forward to meeting many of our customers and friends in the years to come.

BIFFI's Profile

  • Breed: Long Coat Chihuahua

  • Gender: Female

  • Personality: Timid and astute

  • Birth Date: September 6th, 2006